Boat trip to Peel Island

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Living on Canaipa Pass Russell Island gives us access by boat from our backyard  to the many beautiful islands in the majestic Moreton Bay.As the tinny is launched the decision is made that the escapade we were about to embark on was to see the pristine Peel Island.The Island was named in 1824 after Sir Robert Peel by british colonists and was first seen in 1799 fi by Matthew Flinders.Peel Island was used as a quarantine stationing the mid 19th century for passengers of sailing ships and for the scrub down and sanitise of ships for a certain time,prior to arrival into Brisbane.A leper station in 1907 and in 1959 the Island was heritage listed “in shark infested waters”.Today, Peel Island is a tourist destination for many wishing to get in touch with nature and be fully self- sufficient and the Island is a popular spot for the keen fishermen.

IMG_3342 With our trusty…

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